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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  August 17, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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((walter new this morning: a double shooting.. in st. petersburg. right outside a library.. ((jen a wild warning from state officials: stop using innocent creatures... as your ?canvas! the stunts... causing serious harm. ((walterplus: it could be the ?greatest moment from this year's olympics. definitely a run... to remember. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your
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new this morning: st. pete police are investigating two separate shootings from last night. it started just after ten, when a 25 year old man was brought to bayfront hospital with a gunshot wound. he later died. less than an hour later, another shooting. this time, outside the st.
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13's ken suarez joins us ?live now, following that second shooting for us this morning. and ken we are ?not hearing
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all eastbound lanes of
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back open -- between nebraska and 18th street. police shut them down for several hours last night, to investigate a crash involving a vehicle and a motorcycle. officers tell our crew on scene that the crash resulted in serious injuries... but at this time, we don't know how many people are injured. and new this morning , another serious crash involving a motorcycle. st. pete police say a man was riding a kawasaki dirt bike along 7th street south, just before ten last night. police say he swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle but lost control and hit a curb. the rider was tossed going. it ended up hitting a woman who was standing nearby. that woman is in the hospital with minor injuries. the dirtbike rider has life-threatening injuries. in charlotte county: the woman shot and killed during a police exercise, has now been laid to rest. a memorial was held last night for 73-year-old "mary knowlton." a punta gorda police officer accidently fired a loaded gun at her
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chief and dozens of witnesses saw the shooting. at the funeral, family members spoke about the role faith and forgiveness played in her life. knowlton was a homecoming queen who married her high school sweetheart 54 years ago. she was also a librarian -- well known in the punta gorda community. the f-d-l-e is still investigating why the officer had a loaded weapon. that officer is on paid leave, until the investigation is complete. a scary scene on the east coast of florida... where police say a college student ?killed a couple, and even ?bit one of them in the face. even scarier... police think it was completely random. it happened in jupiter, over in martin county on monday night. police say 19-year-old florida state student "austin harrouff" was having dinner with his family at a restaurant when he got upset and stormed out. police say he walked home... but turned down a random
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the man and woman were stabbed... along with a neigbhor who tried to stop it. the neighbor is still in the hospital. when police arrived they say harrouff was biting the face of the dead man, and had to use stun guns and a police dog to get him off: police say harouff had taken some clothes off during the attack, and after his arrest started making animal noises. initial blood tests show no signs of meth, marijuana, heroin, or cocaine. but testing for other drugs... like bath salts... is still pending. and take a good look at your screen right now. hillsborough deputies need your help finding this smash and grab robber. investigators say the man you
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along hillsborough avenue on monday night. instead of nabbing precious gems and jewely -- officials -- say he made off with two cash registers. if you recognize him, call the hillsborough county sheriffs office. shooting in self-defense apparently doesn't apply... when it comes to alligators. a sumter county man faces charges for shooting a gator... that he says was threatening his livestock, and even attacked his son. back on june 21st, reginald blanton came outside his home because his horses were acting strangely. when h gator. so he shot it several times. the gator was wounded... and then bit his son, who tried to scare it off. the state attorneys office later charged blanton with possession of alligator parts, because he didn't have a license. blanton says legal fees will cost him more than 5-thousand dollars, and that he will argue to have the charges dropped. his next court date is next tuesday, but they are hoping for a resolution before then. (walter/ an update now, on the hulk hogan sex tape legal battle. the tabloid website involved in the suit... has just been sold.
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paid 135 million dollars to buy "gawker media." that company includes several gossip sites, including gawker, deadspin and jezebel. gawker owner "nick denton" was forced to file chapter 11 bankruptcy and sell the company to satisfy the $140 million jury verdict won by hogan earlier this year. hogan sued gawker for invasion of privacy after it posted a video of him without permission. don't ?paint the wildlife! it's a warning you wouldn't think the state would have to issue... but for some reason, it just keeps happening. this time, it's a bird. (jen/ the florida fish and wildlife says someone painted this white ibis... bright orange. there's a slim chance this poor bird got intothe paint itself. fish and wildlife thinks someone did it on purpose...the thick paint seeping so deep into the birds' feathers, it can't fly. the ibis was found in palm beach county where it's now at a wildlife sanctuary. a
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and once all the new feathers come in, they'll release it. (walter/ the painted ibis comes on the heels of the discovery of two painted gopher tortoises a few weeks ago. the red one was found in the imokalee area...the blue one near sanibel. it's very troubling--not just because they're endangered- -but their shells are porous--the chemicals in the paint can seep through causing internal damage. getting the paint off is also difficult and stressful. another state of emergency,for the state of california. the latest wildfire... forcing thousands of evacautions. plus: as the flooding finally recede in louisiana... more help is on the way. including some ?swift response... from one of the
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to
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making headlines across america: a legendary talk show host... passes away. political commentator "john mclaughlin" has died. the conservative commentator and host of the syndicated 'mclaughlin group' died at his home in virginia. he hosted his show for the past 34 years. he was a jesuit priest and was once a speechwriter for richard nixon. mclaughlin was one of the first people to change the format of political talk shows from bland affairs to more heated confrontations between his guests. john mclaughlin was 89 years old. california governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency for san bernardino county. the so-called
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already grown to at least 15 thousand acres. more than eighty ?thousand residents have been forced to evacuate. two firefighters have minor injuries. and that's just ?one of three huge fires burning right now in california... the others burning more than two ?hundred structures so far. louisiana's governor has placed some parishes under curfew due to reports of looting. the state experienced the worst flooding in its history over the weekend. at least 40- thousand homes were damaged... and 11 people were killed. meanwhile... people throughout the country are offering to help the victims-- including taylor swift. she is donating a million dollars to flood relief. she kicked off her 19-89 world tour there last year.
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? ? ? this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now. love always, your future maid of honor." time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin... with the red-hot rays.
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they've outscored opponents 66 to 13. 35 runs over their last three games. that's the most in club history over a three-game stretch. the san diego padres were the latest ?victims last night at the trop. rays starter blake snell also had himself a good night. snell pitched 5 innings, struck out 8... and allowed just a run off five hits. on the flipside, the rays offense put on a home run clinic. nick franklin homered to make it a 10-1 rays lead... brad miller had ?two homers oth his 27th home run of the year. rays win 15-1... it's their largest margin of victory this season... they'll go for the sweep this afternoon. first pitch is at 1-10. to the olympics now... where american gymnast "simone biles" went out on top. she competed in her final event tuesday, the floor
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gold. fellow american aly raisman took the silver. both were heavy favorites. biles ends her run at the rio games with ?five medals... including four gold. the most successful olympics ?ever... for an american gymnast. and... check out this amazing show of sportsmanship, during the womens five thousand meter qualifying run. american "abbey d'agostino" and new zealand's "nikki ham abbey gets up first, and actually helps the other runner to her feet. but abbey was the one seriously hurt... and the new zealand runner then helped ?her get to finish line, about four laps later. both runners finished next to last... but they still got a pass to the final on saturday. but it's still not clear if abbey
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when we come back, i'll have another check on your wednesday forecast. plus: how do we stop... the zika virus? fox 13's russell rhodes sits down with one of the ?worlds leading experts... whos working right here in tampa bay. break the mold. go sensationally bold! new color sensational loaded bolds from maybelline new york. loaded with hyper-color pigments... for one-stroke intensity... and honey nectar. sumptuous feel. maybelline's new loaded bolds. make it happen. ? maybelline ?
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t grow. in tuesday's update... another 13 cases were added to the list. ?no locally transmitted cases though. ?all of them were travel-related.. including one in hillsborough. there are now more than five ?hundred zika cases, statewide. and as we keep reporting on the ?growth of zika... another update on how health officials are trying to stop it. fox 13's russell rhodes just sat down with a doctor who has been on the forefront in the fight against tropical diseases... for pretty much his entire life: runs: 234out: just a matter of timeoff topdr. jean-francois rossignol
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the sort of thing you have been doing your entire career. not zika, in particular, but the other viruses. parasites. i started with malaria. then, dengue. so, this was the big diseases. mosquito born. and obviously, pandemic. dr. jean-francois rossignol specializes in tropical medicine. discovering and studying diseases. then, inventing drugs to treat them. traveled the world. he says there is one thing that must be done to control zika. control mosquitos. soundbite29:50----30:01there is no question that we need to be a lot more careful about mosquito control than probably we are... or we were.runs: :11 according to dr. rossignol, zika is a disease we know very little about. we're learning quickly, but just don't know enough yet. soundbite26:30----26:42zika is a non-conform. it's a strange virus because it does things we've not seen before.runs: :12 why now? why here? why has zika spread so quickly? part of the reason, according to dr. rossingnol, is improved global travel.soundbite31:28----31:40 it takes no time for disease to travel one place to another because of airlines. going one place to another. in a couple of hours and they will be bring everything.runs: :12 so how do you fix it? besides mosquito control, dr. rossignol says treatments and vaccines will need to be developed. that's happening. hal huge public health problem. soundbite35:01----35:07 we don't know the scope of the problem at this time... but i think it's relatively small in terms of bad news.runs: :06 on a pandemic scale...not bad news. but just one baby born with microcephaly because of zika is a real tragedy. and in his business, tropical medicine, dr. jean-francois rossignol, must always look at things from those two perspectives. soundbite35:24----25:38in this kind of disease, you have two things that are conflicted. the public health issue when you are trying to protect millions of people. and the individual case which is a tragedy itself. runs: :14 soundbite38:37----38:46should we be worried about this? reasonably worried. i think at the end of the day, we will control the disease. so, it's
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doctor (rose-in-all) rossignol's romark laboratories is headquartered here. he is affiliated with u-s-f too. he has developed drugs to fight parasites, bacteria and diseases. he has worked with the world health organization as an expert on parasitic diseases. to sum it up... he knows his stuff. still ahead: walking two ?miles to school. but this isn't some old story from your grandparents. one florida family is doing it ... today. why they say the county is ?forcing them. plus... fox 13's ken suarez is live in st. petersburg,
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at a library in st. petersburg.
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